How to Make Extra Money Online Using Your Designing Skills


Welcome to Bizopzone once again, a place where we enlighten you on how money can be made online. The rate of employment in the united states is about 60% with the majority of them in that category unhappy with what they earn. With this, what is the way forward? Making money online, and today we’ll be talking about making extra money online using your designing skills. 

Now, I’d like to ask, do you have a flair for designing stuff? Can you create websites, logos as well as graphic images? If the basics of designing are something you understand and love to do, you can earn money from it. With this in mind, there are a lot of ways to make money as a designer, and we are going to outline a few. Let’s go.

Logo designer

For a majority of companies as well as new startups, the logo is essential. A logo is an identity, a way of representing a brand in the mind of the target audience. So many companies today flourish and stay relevant in the market via quality logos. As a sound designer, you can not only make good money online but also help businesses create a lasting image and impression for their business as you sell yourself to others.

To a majority, the first hurdle they have already created in their mind is the difficult task of getting clients who would trust them with a crucial part of their business but I have to tell you, it’s not as hard as you might think. The first step is to create a few attractive and unique logos giving you a portfolio of logos to present. Next, you have to search for freelance job websites that would suit you for jobs, some of which are LogoArena or DesignCrowd where you can compete with other freelance designers to earn jobs. You can also tell people about the services you render personally.

Website Designer

The field of website designing is unique and more straightforward than it used to be with the introduction of different platforms like blogger, WordPress, and Joomla. These platforms have made it possible for many individuals to be proficient in the most popular website formats where you can also offer options like modification of existing website templates. The understanding of how people navigate a website is a major key in becoming a good website designer as well as a good website outlook spark.

With this skill, you can also search for clients via freelance websites, and with good ratings and a couple of good clients you can use as referrals, you can make good money.

E-book covers/ Digital Product Graphics

With the cost attached to printing books and publishing, many writers have started to discover the benefits of E-books. With the existence of E-books comes the need for excellent and attractive e-book covers as this is a full representation of the book as well as the first thing that convinces a client whether to buy the book or not. With all this we see the importance of these covers. Designing graphics for digital products and book covers can be exciting as you would see your designs on different platforms.

Again you need to create a portfolio of beautiful sample covers and the register with freelance websites where you can find customers and get good connections as time goes by giving you enough money, in the long run, more than most jobs would pay.

Bottom Line

If you are a good designer or have a passion for creating attractive images consider offering your services as a designer on online platforms, having fun and making money in the process. It would be exciting to make money from something you have fun doing.